Whale Watching Along Sonoma, CA, Coast

Come wintertime, gray whales head south. And lucky for us, they do it along our Sonoma coast. So if you’ve always wanted to see and watch these massive mammals, now is the ideal time.

After a delicious breakfast at one of our Inns, layer on the warm clothing and head out to Bodega Bay, one of the area’s top spots for whale watching. Just four miles long,the land encompassing Bodega Bay juts out into the ocean, making it a great place for spotting whales. Be sure to bring binoculars! The California gray whale ranges in size from 40 to 60 feet long. As they migrate south, pregnant females lead the way—they’ll give birth once they reach the coastal waters of Baja. Non-pregnant females and males follow behind, cavorting a bit as they go.

If you’re visiting on any weekend, from now through Mother’s Day, there will be volunteers from the Whale Watch Public Education Program at Bodega Head ready to answer any of your questions.

To see whales closer up, consider taking a whale watching boat tour. There are several local companies who excel at this. Check with your Innkeeper for a recommendation. In fact, when you stay at any of our Wine Country Inns, you can pick our brains about all sorts of fun things to see and do while here!

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